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In her walk with God advocating for victimized women, Theresa does not come before you as an Evangelist, Prophet or Minister, but as a servant of God, who can relate to the trials, tribulation and pain you have experienced. By faith, Theresa has overcome insurmountable odds and has a compelling testimony to share about how God has brought her through.

Theresa has weathered and endured hurt, abuse, trauma, depression, economic hardship, and illness. She has overcome all these challenges victoriously by the grace of God. Through it all, God provided Theresa with a voice to share her testimony and deliver her powerful message. Through the various trials and tribulations, Theresa has undergone, she could always rest assured that God was right there by her side. Through the love, mercy, and grace of God, Theresa knows He is able and can do all things!

Theresa has held various positions during her career; however, the most rewarding was her work with students in the Orange County Public School System as an Assistant Teacher. In this position, she was a mentor, nourisher, encourager, protector, inspirer, and friend to her students. Theresa's favorite phrase, which is a testament to her work, is "When you help a child that is hurting and later in life the child informs you that his/her success was because of your influence, it is so satisfying. For Theresa, those words have made a difference in her life as well as, the children and their families within the community.

Theresa Woods currently resides in Mebane, NC and is a native of Hillsborough, NC. She is the mother of two children, grandmother of three, and a servant of God.

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